Church Planting


We’re starting a new service, led by Ryan Owsley, that will be a launchpad for St. Andrew’s Church to send out a daughter church in the next few years. Like any daughter, the service will resemble the mother in some ways and differ in others.

1.  Why have a third service?
We’re growing! We’re growing out of our space in family ministries, and we’re growing more into our longstanding vision of being a church-planting church.

2.  What do you hope to accomplish by having a third service?
Our hope is that this method of planting will both engage all of us in reaching out to our friends to come and see, while providing a natural and effective space for a new work to begin and develop.

3.  Is the third service temporary or permanent?
This isn’t clear right now. For the near term, we’ll remain open on this question while focusing on building a healthy and vibrant third-service community and growing and sustaining a new daughter plant.

4.  Will the people who attend the third service be committing to the church plant?
While attending the service doesn’t commit you to the plant, we do invite you to consider whether you may be called to support this new work with your presence.

5.  If my family attends the third service, what will there be for my kids?
Children will be ministered to through our Early Childhood ministry and a modified KREW Cuts using a version of our Sunday school curriculum.

6.  Who will be preaching? Will it be the same sermon passage that is used on Sunday morning?
Ryan will be the regular, though not the only, preacher, at this new service, which will have different sermon passages from the other two services.

7.  How will people who attend the third service be integrated into the community of St. Andrew’s?
This service is being started in furtherance of a “mother/daughter” model of church planting. As with any pregnancy, the mother’s desire is for a healthy pregnancy, birth, and ultimately to send the child into the world with her blessing. Likewise, St. Andrew’s desire is for the third service to grow in numbers and fruit of the Spirit with a view to going out into the world with St. Andrew’s blessing. Thus, while there will be some natural onramps for people in the third service to be connected to the wider St. Andrew’s family, that isn’t the primary goal of the service. As the service develops, there will be an increasing focus on connecting people within the third service.

8.  Where will the offering go?
For the time being, all offerings received at the third service will go toward St. Andrew’s. This may change at some time. And if it does, we’ll ensure the highest level in clarity and transparency.

9.  How can I volunteer to help?
Please email for information on how to help.

10. Are there specific needs that I could help with?
Please join us in praying for all those whom God has ordained to be reached and discipled through the service and daughter plant; wisdom for the leadership and staff; and financial and organizational resources for the service and plant.
Come and see. Consider whether you may be called to support this new work with your presence. Attending this service doesn’t commit you to the plant.
Go and tell. Commit to discerning who among your friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors you might invite to the service.