Kids Rooted, Equipped and Walking worthy

“Children are not a distraction from more important work; they are the most important work.”     C.S. Lewis

At St. Andrew’s, we believe that every child who comes through our doors is a uniquely crafted creation, made in His image; worthy of value, dignity and unconditional love. We long for our children to know that they can boldly approach the throne of God confident of His enormous love for them, knowing they are His pride and joy, that His heart breaks with theirs and He cries at their pain.

KREW logoK.R.E.W., our ministry to kindergarteners through sixth graders, is committed to building a community of Christ-followers through Sunday School classes, large-group time and relationships with adult volunteers. Our kids experience relationships with volunteers who nurture them, encourage them and instill in them that God has created them uniquely and for His glory. This doesn’t end on Sunday afternoons. Leaders and volunteers often attend our children’s sporting events and their lunch times at school in an effort to build discipling relationships with them.



At St. Andrew’s, we value worshiping as a family. However, we also recognize the need for age-appropriate teaching. For that reason, our children in kindergarten through sixth grade worship with their families for the first and last part of each service, but have their own age-based lesson on the day’s scripture passage during the sermon.

KREW Cuts, St. Andrew’s children’s church, begins as the children follow the cross out of the sanctuary after the Gospel reading. The children head downstairs for a Bible lesson, fellowship, recreation and a snack. The children re-enter the service during The Peace.


We want our children to learn that church is a community where they are known, loved and encouraged to follow after Jesus. All of our Sunday school curriculum is written “in house,” specifically for our children to learn that God created them to enjoy a relationship with Him. It is rooted in the truths of God’s Word. They are also instructed in the Anglican liturgy, so they can fully participate in St. Andrew’s services as they grow.

Rooted Class (kindergarten)
In a garden-themed room, kindergarteners develop a solid foundation in Biblical truths, specifically around the idea that God made us for a relationship with Him and others.

Equipped Class (1st & 2nd grade)KREW.class
Through climbing-themed room and lessons, first and second graders learn that God communicates with us and has given us tools to follow him, such as a unique design and plan (rope), a knowledge of Himself (three-part backpack), salvation (first-aid kit), His word (map), the 10 Commandments (compass) and our relationship with Him and each other (cardinal directions)

Walking Worthy Class (3rd & 4th grade)
In a world-themed room, third and fourth graders learn that God has called us to walk in Him and be His light (witness) to the world. Students often discuss nations that are in the news and keep up with the missions and missionaries from our church body.

Planet 56 (5th & 6th graders)
Anyone who has ever known a fifth or sixth grader, knows that they live in a world all their own. Our middle school class is uniquely set up for discussion and instruction during this transitional, pre-teen phase. Students explore roadblocks that can interfere with their relationship with Jesus.