Planning Center Services

Beginning Sunday, May 6, St. Andrew’s is switching to a new scheduling software for all of our Sunday ministry volunteers.


Training Resources

One item of note, the video will talk about receiving scheduling emails and having to accept or decline the scheduled days. Rather than require each of you to take that extra step, we have opted to make all scheduled dates already confirmed. If you are unable to serve at a time you are scheduled, simply click on that date/time and the green team link next to your position. This will prompt you to give a reason for the decline. This is, in essence, exactly how we have been scheduling in the previous software.


An Introduction to Planning Center

Profile Page

Blockout Dates

Setting Up Text Notifications

Setting Your Scheduling Preferences

Calendar Subscriptions

Managing Your Schedule

Viewing Service Details & Files


Planning Center Services is:

  1. less expensive than our old system;
  2. more effective for our staff and ministry leaders; and
  3. easier for you, the volunteer, to manage your own schedule through a simple online platform and smart phone app (available on iOS and android), both of which include a calendar integration tool for iCal, Outlook and Google.


Steps to begin using Planning Center:

  1. You should have received a welcome email from Planning Center, which includes a clickable link to create a password for your account.
    *If you also have children who serve that do not have their own email address, it is recommended that you set their accounts up with your email and the exact same password as your account. Each time you login, you will be asked which account you would like to manage.
  2. Download the app to your smart phone.
  3. View the above training video or read the training articles linked above.
  4. Visit the help desk before, between or after the services in the Narthex on April 22 or 29 for more individualized help.
  5. Block out dates that you are unable to serve and adjust your serving frequency preferences online or through the app.