Giving is an act of worship.

It is gratefulness for God’s overwhelming generosity to us that moves us to give. As we daily submit our resources to Christ, we are recognizing that every good thing that we have comes from God, and that all we have belongs to him. As we give, we are living into the reality that Jesus is indeed Lord of every area of our lives, that he is our true hope and security. There is real joy and freedom in this.

Though God does not need our money, he calls us, in love, to give. This call is an invitation to learn, ever more, to put our trust in him. It is an invitation to participate in the work that he is doing in the world. It is an invitation to become more like him, as giving is an act that has the power to change what we love. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Luke 12:34)

Each year, members of St. Andrew’s are invited to fill out a pledge card, like the one below. Making a yearly pledge gives each of us the opportunity to prayerfully consider God’s call on us to give to, and through, the church. The collected pledge cards also provide a very valuable planning tool for church leadership as stewardship decisions are made. If you would like to make a pledge for next year, or the remainder of this year, we invite you to fill out the form below. The form information is sent directly to our accountant and is kept completely confidential.

If you are looking to pledge toward the debt reduction campaign, click here.


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