Holy Week

Although every day, week and month of the year is holy unto the Lord, for more than two thousand years the Christian Church has regarded the special week before Easter as Holy Week. You are encouraged to invite your friends and family members to participate with us as we move through these special services and observances together.


On Good Friday the church enters into the passion and death of Jesus. In the Good Friday service, we proceed through the Stations of the Cross, a series of scripture readings and prayers that take us through the darkness of the crucifixion and our own hearts to a place of grateful repentance. As we walk with Christ through his death and burial, we prepare to share in the joy of his resurrection! There will not be a children’s version this year.





Holy Week culminates with the grand celebration of Christ’s resurrection and saving grace on Easter morning! Our two morning services will occur at their usual times. There will be no adult education or Sunday school classes.

To avoid traffic congestion with our host church, Immanuel Baptist, please ONLY approach the City Center by driving north on Shackelford or west on Markham and enter the City Center parking lot through the entrances by Jason’s Deli or Slim Chickens.

The flowering of the cross represents the transition from Good Friday to Easter, from meditation on Jesus’ death to joyful celebration of his resurrection. The flowering, which transforms a barren cross, a reminder of Jesus’ death, into an Easter symbol, will take place in the atrium as you walk into City Center. Feel free to bring flowers from your garden to place on the cross.