At St. Andrew’s, we recognize that discipleship (following Jesus to become more like him) applies to every part of life, not only the so-called “spiritual” parts. Our whole life–especially the most ordinary places–is the realm in which God is forming us into the image of his Son by the Holy Spirit. For this reason, discipleship is not one program among many at St. Andrew’s. We do not want merely to offer a buffet of religious activities–more busyness to add to a checklist of things to do for God.

Rather, our goal in regard to everything we do as a community is to ask, “How is this an opportunity to become more like Jesus; what would this ministry look like if being and making disciples of Jesus is the most important thing?” Prayerfully discerning these questions, we gather for the purpose of (a) paying attention to the transformation God is working among us and through us and (b) intentionally responding to Jesus’ invitation to follow him in every area of our life.