Congregational Care

One of the marks of the early church, which we see in the pages of the New Testament, is self-giving care for one another. We are not isolated individuals who gather together only to sing the same songs and hear the same preaching. If we are in Christ, we are included together in him as a new people who live together under his lordship. As a reconstituted family, Christ’s love is shared and expressed between us by supporting and caring for one another–especially during illness, pain or distress–like we would care for our “flesh-and-blood” family.

Our desire at St. Andrew’s is to faithfully practice this type of care toward our reconstituted family in Christ. We seek to practice congregational care by cultivating a team of clergy and lay people who can be present to those who are suffering in body, mind or spirit. Our congregational care team provides presence, prayer, anointing with oil, and communion whenever requested.

For more information about congregational care, or if you are in need of care or know someone who is, please contact Kathy Stephenson.