ENCOUNTER kids (k-5th grade)


At St. Andrew’s, we believe that every child who comes through our doors is a uniquely crafted creation, made in His image; worthy of value, dignity and unconditional love. We long for our children to know that they can boldly approach the throne of God confident of His enormous love for them, knowing they are His pride and joy, that His heart breaks with theirs and He cries at their pain.


Kindergarten begins a whole new season of life! Over the next few years, kids will experience a world much larger than the one they had previously known. With all of these new sights, thoughts and developments, we want to be sure there is one thing they encounter above all else: the wonder, mystery and power of a God who is too big for them to define, yet who has proven through time and space that He loves them intimately and unconditionally. We want them to encounter JESUS.

We believe this is best achieved through the combined influences of both the church and the family environments as we partner together to disciple our children for Christ. Discipleship is of upmost priority for us, and this is attained through building relationships with our children. As they get to know us, they should glimpse the heart of God for them. As we get to know them, we build trust and gain authority to speak into their lives. We work to create an atmosphere that is both nurturing and encouraging, and creates a space where children can explore the great and unshakable truths of God.

As represented by the handprint in the logo, when we genuinely encounter the living God, He leaves His mark on our lives and shapes who we are forever. Our deepest identity lies in knowing who we are as His children. The heartbeat of this ministry is to create a space where we lead our children to encountering God and His profound love for each of them. Every lesson we teach, every event we hold, every relationship we build has, at its core, the primary purpose of leading our children to the One who knows and loves them completely.


Watch all 10 months of Ms. Becca’s recorded video lessons here.