Small Groups

We believe that gathering for life-on-life community in Christ is a central place where God’s salvation gets real in our lives. Showing up at church once a week for corporate worship is good and necessary, but the Gospel truth we hear proclaimed on Sunday often gets lost in the hustle of ordinary life by Monday morning. By encountering one another in community throughout the week, we acknowledge that we cannot follow Jesus alone, and we cultivate opportunities for the Gospel to transition from our head down to our heart and feet.

Gathering together for community in Christ is all about sharing. When we gather in smaller groups, we share our lives with one another, and as we share together in vulnerability and trust, we also encounter Christ. This looks like walking alongside one another as God’s extended family sharing our time, food, resources, stories and experiences–exhorting, praying with/for and encouraging one another.

Life-on-life community in Christ comes in different sizes and forms at St. Andrew’s. Some groups gather in public spaces while others gather in homes. Some groups focus on specific topics for a predetermined period of time while other groups discuss God’s work in their lives on an ongoing basis.

Please contact Dustin Freeman to get connected or for more information.