Debt Reduction


In late 2014, a St. Andrew’s family came to the leadership team with a very generous gift, pledging to pay off 10% of our church’s $2.9 million mortgage over the next three years. It was their hope that this gift would serve as an impetus for many other St. Andrew’s members to prayerfully consider participating in a similar manner. This act of generosity prompted thanksgiving and a lengthy season of prayerful discernment for church leadership on exactly how to respond to this act of generosity. In time, the Leadership Team concluded that we should invite the rest of the church body to join in on this generous act, and see if, together, we might pay off our mortgage entirely.

The decision to invite you to give towards debt elimination at this time is motivated by our desire to be faithful stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to us. While the mortgage has been a blessing, making our beautiful church campus possible, paying it off now would allow us to redirect more than $1 million into savings or ministry over the next 20 years, money that would otherwise be spent on interest. Having paid the debt down to its current level, and given many positive signs of the church’s current health, we believe that paying the debt off over the next three years is a realistic and worthwhile goal.


Our current mortgage is $2.3 million. To put this number in context, our initial mortgage, taken out in 2006, was $5.7 million, and St. Andrew’s current assets are valued at $7.7 million. A legacy of good stewardship has brought us to this point.

Our loan requires a minimum annual payment of $189,600, which is scheduled to continue for approximately 20 years. $91,000 of our current annual payment goes toward interest, not the principal, every year.

This means that paying off our mortgage over the next three years would save the church $1-1.5 million in interest over the next 20 years and make $189,600 that we are currently paying toward the mortgage available for ministry or savings every year.

A single gift of $290,000 has already been pledged, sparking this debt reduction effort, and has brought our goal for debt elimination to $1.9 million.


As we consider God’s generosity to us this fall, we pray that the Father will lead you into greater freedom as idols are recognized and submitted to Christ. In the course of this work, God may prompt you to engage in your own generous acts out of the time, talents and treasures that He has entrusted to you. God may invite you to give in new ways at home, in the world or within the church. We ask that you would prayerfully consider whether contributing to the elimination of our debt might be a part of God’s invitation to you during this season.

We invite you to make a pledge, over and above your regular church giving, that will be paid out over the next three years. If you would like to make a commitment, please complete the form below. The form information is sent directly to our accountant and is kept completely confidential.

As you begin giving, checks can be made to St. Andrew’s Church, please include MORTGAGE on the memo line. If you have any questions at all, please contact Dustin Freeman.

If you are looking for the yearly commitment card, please click here.

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