Sunday Services

1.  What precautions is St. Andrew’s taking for corporate worship? Can I/should I come to church?

Please stay home and worship online with us if you have had: 

  • a fever in the past 2 days;
  • a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of taste or smell; or
  • contact with a person infected with COVID-19 in the previous 14 days.


Please carefully consider your physical presence at corporate worship if you:

  • are over the age of 65;
  • have chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease or others; or
  • have a compromised immune system.


If you choose to attend in-person corporate worship:

  • masks, properly worn, will be required throughout the entire service for everyone over 10 years;
  • no food or drink is allowed in the building;
  • a six-foot distance (3 seats) should be kept at all times between your family and others;
  • no physical contact is allowed outside of your immediate family;
  • no gathering in the Narthex before or after the services; and
  • all fellowship should take place outside the building.


Service Structure

  • We are still partaking of Holy Communion during our services, but in a slightly different format. When you enter, you will receive a package with a sealed individual cup and wafer. You can take these at the appropriate time during the service, and discard them as you leave.
  • Restrooms and changing tables are available.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer are available.


There will be no Early Childhood or Children’s ministry classes until further notice.


2. Are services live streamed? How can I find your live services?

Both morning services (8:45 & 11 a.m.) will be broadcast live on YouTube.

Click HERE to go to the St Andrew’s YouTube channel and subscribe to our channel by hitting the subscribe button (on the right upper corner) to make sure that you can always find our videos. To subscribe, you will need to sign in to YouTube. You can sign in with your gmail account. If you don’t already have a gmail account, you will need to create a google account. We will also link the live stream services to our Facebook page.

You can also just click on the image below on Sunday morning to go directly to our YouTube channel.

We will start our live steam 10 minutes before each service so that you have plenty of time to find and start viewing before the service starts. The booklet to follow along with the service can be found in the description of the video (hit “show more” to see it) and in the comment section of the video. We will also be posting it on our Facebook page.


3. Are there any Kingdom Life (adult Sunday school) classes?

Yes. We are slowly ramping up our class offerings on Sunday mornings and during the week. Click here to find out what our current offerings are.

4. Are there any kid-friendly services happening?

The 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, we have a family-friendly service at 10 a.m. in the Pavilion. This outdoor service is a maximum of 45 minutes and offers a time of worship and teaching especially geared to a younger audience. Everyone in attendance (ages 3 and older) must wear a mask throughout the service. All families will maintain a distance of 6 feet from other families. There will be taped sections on the pavilion floor to help with this.

While we know that the extra safety measures can feel a bit constraining, we will do our best to make this a fun, exciting time for you and your children!

Register for one of the upcoming services below.

November 1

November 15

December 6


5. I’m going to stay home and worship, can I still have communion? I’m homebound and cannot get out to pick communion up for myself, can someone bring it to me?

Portable communion packs are available for pick up on Wednesday and Thursdays from 9 a.m.—5 p.m. in the Pavilion.

If you need communion delivered to you, please email Jessie Smith.


6. I know it takes a lot of people working together to make a service happen each week, how can I help?

We are looking for volunteers to be ushers and greeters each week before and during the service, as well as volunteers to help sanitize the building after each service. If you are willing to help with this, or are open to knowing more about it, please email Jessie Smith.


7. I want to come to church, but my children get bored and fidgety, can I still come?

Definitely! Children are not simply future members of our body, they are a part of our body NOW and are welcome to worship with us. Our family ministry team has created activity packets for our children each week. Each bag has coloring sheets, activity pages, a sermon guide, crayons, and stickers.


8.  Is there any teaching available for my children, even though there are no formal classes?

Yes, Ms. Becca and Ms. Jennifer are recording video lessons each week for our children. The lessons are emailed out each week or you can access them by clicking on the logos below: